Friday, 5 September 2014

A Spiritual Healer - For Healing From Within: Path to MAN

I Bow to the lotus feet of my sad guru Sainath.Every human being in this world has to read "Bhagavad Gita" in his or her life time to know the true essence of life,to attain gods grace and to librate ourselves from the cycle of birth & death.
When we read Bhagavad Gita we realise that though it was taught to Partha(Arjuna) in the battle field,but it is  for every human being and we should consider ourselves as Partha and follow it as for as possible .We should bring it to practice the discourse given by lord .(which can be attained through slow and steady practice).
Why we should consider ourselves as Partha ?Is that we are all standing in the battle field of our life fully covered with "Delusion & Despondency keeping away or forgetting our own duty & divine nature .
How to get this realisation of our duty & divine nature is our confusion in this world.We are all knowledge able persons,we have many branches of knowledge  in this morden world like literature,theatre,dance,science and computers etc,above all we should develope the Knowledge of inner self (Atma Gnyana) as my guru says.Guru says by merely acquiring worldly knowledge cannot bring peace and happiness in ones life,as this knowledge will give only seconds of happiness & peace in once life, but only through "Atma Gnyana" would give the permanent  and lasting peace & happiness.

Om SAI Ram.
To be continued.........

People in sales if pray to Shani maharaj will give success in their field .

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