Friday, 5 September 2014

A Spiritual Healer - For Healing From Within: Trying to beMAYA free,Atma full,on path of Nirvana...

I bow to the lotus feet of my sad guru SAI nath.My guru always guided me throughout my life till date and would&will keep doing it till last.With the grace of god I'm clairvoyant by birth,but still I have made mistakes & learnt from those mistakes.Before anything serious could happen my Guru always guided me & showed me the right path and opened my eyes to reality.
 The mistakes I used to make is to trust & believe people blindly which Baba rectified through a lesson which I'll remember for life.Baba asked me to read Bagavad Gita,a divine discourse of my guru.
Through this blog I would like to share my feeling & thinking.When I started reading Bagavad Gita,I was thinking why Pandavas & Kauravas had to fight,why so much of lose of  human life,destruction etc.My guru said,In every human being the Mahabharata takes place within ourselves,between Dharma & Adharma (good & bad)thinking,when this happens you tend to loose many things ,like your time,energy,mental balance etc to come to a conclusion to which path of living we are going to make Dharma or a dharma.The path of Dharma always leads to success & winning side of life,Adharma leads to destruction only.
Like Pandavas every human being makes mistakes,we should learn & realise our mistakes and come out of it and as far as possible we should follow Dharma path by surrendering ourselves to the lotus feet of god.

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