Saturday, 28 June 2014

From ancient history we come to know that in earlier stages human beings used to wear the leaves of different trees as their clothes.  It was due to the lack of civilization, as everyone lived in forests like wild animals.  As per the nature’s law, everything has to change in this world.  So the wearing of clothes was not an exception.  
According to Hinduism ‘Manu’, the son of Lord “Brahma” the creator, (as he was born out of the Manah Sankalpam of Brahma he is named as Manu) learned the lessons of law, policy and pleasures from his father and taught the same to his disciples named Bhrigu Maharishi and others.  The teachings of ‘Manu’ is named as ‘Manu Samhita’.  ‘Samhita’ means ‘Compilation of knowledge’.  In his teachings he also taught how & what to wear by the people of different castes namely Brahmin, Kshatriyas & Vaisyas.  For eg :- the skins of black antelopes, spotted deer & he goats as upper dresses & lower dresses made of hemp, flax or wool.  But there was no mention of the words Dhoti, Sari etc., in Manu Samhita except the word ‘Vastram’.
In due course of time circumstances changed & the wearing of Dhoti, Sari etc., came into existence.  The ancient people were very much certain that the nature itself is god.  Therefore they used to do their duties as an offering to god with physical & mental purity.  The same were followed by the Weavers while weaving and the Tailors while stitching etc.,  In the initial stages there were no Blouse for ladies. They used to tie a broad cloth across their breast & wear sari.  Then came the blouse culture.  People used to follow strictly that men’s clothes should be given to male tailors and that of ladies to female tailors.  Because they believed that if ladies’ dresses are stitched by male tailors it may create a lust feeling in tailor’s mind which will affect the mind of the lady wearing the same.  In ‘Veda’ it is said that the ‘Bhavam’ of the person (intention of the mind) doing the work will simultaneously affect the mind of the other person for whom he is performing that duty.  So ancient people were following the rule that they should not hurt others in any form i.e. thought, word or deed. Thus, everyday men & women used to take bath, prey for sometime and start performing their duties with divine thought.
It is unavoidable that everything will change in course of time.  But we shouldn’t give up the basic thing i.e. ‘Self-discipline’.  It should be like our breath.  Men & Women wearing their clothes in a proper & disciplined manner is a must & those clothes should be stitched by the people with pure heart.

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  1. It's a reflection of deep thought of mind based on psychological flow of inner sense which we hold in our subconscious mind.