Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Trying to beMAYA free,Atma full,on path of Nirvana(MAN)

I bow to the lotus feet of my sad guru SAI nath.My guru always guided me throughout my life till date and would&will keep doing it till last.With the grace of god I'm clairvoyant by birth,but still I have made mistakes & learnt from those mistakes.Before anything serious could happen my Guru always guided me & showed me the right path and opened my eyes to reality.
 The mistakes I used to make is to trust & believe people blindly which Baba rectified through a lesson which I'll remember for life.Baba asked me to read Bagavad Gita,a divine discourse of my guru.
Through this blog I would like to share my feeling & thinking.When I started reading Bagavad Gita,I was thinking why Pandavas & Kauravas had to fight,why so much of lose of  human life,destruction etc.My guru said,In every human being the Mahabharata takes place within ourselves,between Dharma & Adharma (good & bad)thinking,when this happens you tend to loose many things ,like your time,energy,mental balance etc to come to a conclusion to which path of living we are going to make Dharma or a dharma.The path of Dharma always leads to success & winning side of life,Adharma leads to destruction only.
Like Pandavas every human being makes mistakes,we should learn & realise our mistakes and come out of it and as far as possible we should follow Dharma path by surrendering ourselves to the lotus feet of god.


  1. I happened to meet SAI after getting her contact info from internet couple of months back and didnt go with much of expectation.But i was quiet amazed with the depth of information she tells about you without you sharing any information with her.either positive or negative she tells you the truth as it is.
    I am going to her for consultation on any issues that bothers me and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs genuine service as she is not money minded.

  2. Common, if she is not money minded, let me see her help me now for free,
    Read how much Violence and Disturbance is happening here , how she can
    help me and get me out of the current problems ......... Om Sri Sai Ram !!